Cambria Leann

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This week more than ever I miss Mesa.
My silly colored walls. Pink, purple, and turquoise.
My tile floor, cold, but cute design.
My pool where i swam mornings last summer while I was pregnant, went swimming with friends, and was pushed into on a birthday.
My friends who make me feel good about life.
My life.
Everything I grew so accustomed to.
I miss Lazona ward.

Life seems to pass me by quickly.

Things change.

2 weeks ago we had the primary program in our ward.
I remember looking at all the kids trying to figure out just one of their names.
I got nothing.
It hit me, I barely know anyone.
It hurt.
It hurts knowing they know nothing about me, and not knowing how to open up.

Missing it won't bring it back.
But don't think I have forgotten you.
You are the ones pushing me forward.
Thank you.


Elise said...

we miss you too cami and love you! :)

Jo Dee said...

Lazona Ward misses you too!

sambonez7 said...

Isn't it interesting how the Lord puts people in our paths that influence and contribute to our lives. You are one of those people in my life and I hope that I can be one for you! Love you lots! Thanks for the visit.

Suz said...

I moved around A LOT when Nate and I were first married... at first, I didn't go willingly though. My wise old pa gave some impeccable advice that made the difference for me. And so I share with you like I will my own... because I consider you one of mine: He said, "home is where the heart is... make memories where you're at because you'll always come home." It didn't fully make sence to me until I years later when I finally moved home. And when I think of those times they were often hard and incredibly lonely. But I took the advice and pulled myself up and today I can honestly say that I would do it over if given a chance. You are that kind of gal... making the best of your life. Good things are ahead. You are not forgotten. I sure love you.