Cambria Leann

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You are Two and Beautiful
I wonder how your personality will grow
I hear your laugh
I see your bright smile that goes ear to ear
I want the very best for you
You are Two and Beautiful

You are Two and Beautiful
I pretend you are my little angel
I feel deep love and appreciation for you
I touch your soft hair
I worry about what you will have to experience during your life
I cry when I miss you
You are Two and Beautiful

You are Two and Beautiful
I understand life is sometimes difficult, but you can get through anything
I say often how much I love you
I dream about you becoming an amazing young woman one day
I try to express how blessed I am to know you
I hope you always know the love I have for you
You are Two and Beautiful

Friday, November 5, 2010


I have found through even the last few days that the more I open my mouth about my adoption experience, so do others.

-Like on Monday, when I was shopping, me and the lady working started talking about adoption. She is an Adoptive Mom. Awesome!

-Or for some reason I started talking about how I was a birth mom in one of my classes. A girl told me later she too is a birth mom. Awesome! We talked for a good 20 minutes after class.

Through this experience we all have a special bond. A bond of friendship, of love, and of mutual respect. When I meet someone else who has been blessed by the miracle of adoption too, I feel a special connection. I feel like they understand, they get me.

Share the adoption love. :)