Cambria Leann

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet friends

"Cling to what is right and you will always find joy."

I reread this letter today from a sweet friend. It reminded me that I am loved and that people are watching me.

Sometimes I feel like I am here or there but nobody seems to notice me, especially at church. My old ward watched me grow; they watched me change. Many of them know me simply by observance. But yet through that observance they learned who I am. I have numerous friends there. Friends I so dearly miss.

One of these special friends wrote me a letter almost a year ago. Much in my life at that time had changed or was changing. Things were so different from what I was used to and the road ahead was a steep one. Her words were heartfelt and brought me to tears.

Today rereading them brings me to tears, and reminds me of the moments and events of last year. How grateful I am for friends like her. For the friendship many people have given me. I feel truly loved.

My favorite quote from the letter is, "Cling to what is right and you will always find joy". It's a nice reminder where I can find happiness. And I find hope in the future because of it .

She wrote fighting

Writing a Story

Once upon a time
A girl had to write a story that rhymed
She didn’t really want to write
Instead she wanted to go night-night

After deciding that writing would be wise
She went through story ideas from dates to buying her dad a tie
But none of that was moving
She needed something worth choosing

After much thought she was still lost
She knew if she didn’t do it, it would cost
She still needed a theme
Then finally her mind beamed!

She wrote on her life
And how she had to fight
She wrote on writing
She wrote fighting

I see a face at the window…

I see a face at the window…

I see a face at the window
It is looking right at me
I stare in its eyes
I can’t help but cry
This man has done so much for me
But yet I keep on running
I just want my rebellious soul to calm
But it seems like this path is never ending
I hope he knows I am thankful
I hope he knows I try
Today I hope while looking right at me
That he can see past my crying eyes

Today is just the beginning…

Today is just the beginning…

Today is just the beginning I thought as she was born
I knew the road ahead was far reaching and hard
I chose that road anyway not for my own sake but hers
I held her and was silent
There wasn’t much to say
I called her parents
I let them know today was the day
I can hardly imagine the wait they endured
The pain they must have felt
To have this little angel was a simple answer to their prayers
I then kissed my little sweetheart
I let her know how much I loved her
I placed her in their care
She was off to see her family
Oh how much I can see
The love they have for this little angel
This girl that is part of their forever family

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This turned out to be the best pumpkin I have ever carved. It took a long time to carve but I knew what I wanted, a flower patch. In the middle flower is a sunflower and it took the most time because of all the detail. This pumpkin was so perfect in size and it was a beauty. I loved it! I stopped by and saw the kids in their costumes. They looked great! ( I love how Bella is the only one looking at the camera!)

Thanks for the awesome pumpkin to carve! You know who you are.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Induction Day

(Induction day 11/10/08)
This day one year ago was induction day.
Let's just say I was not happy at all.
I had picked my hospital and wanted her to come on her own. But after her due date came and passed, my doctor brought up the word induction. He said he'll go check availability and come back in a moment. That I could deal with because I still would get to have the last call right? Wrong. He came in with a paper and my scheduled induction time at a different hospital. I left and cried. I cried because it was a different hospital, I cried because I knew this would be the start and I wasn't sure if I was ready.
My induction day I woke and curled my hair. Went to work with my dad and worked on online school. The lovely ladies that work with my dad made sure I had all of their numbers, just in case. My friends picked me up and we went driving around. We visited my favorite teacher, and as I left I whispered tonight I go to the hospital. She told me it would be fine, and she hugged me. I went home, and ate dinner. Called the hospital and instead of coming in at 8 pm, it would be 10. So I had time to hang out, and take a shower. And take pictures. I was huge! We left for the hospital and I drove the car. We arrived and waited in the lobby. They took me back to my room eventually. They started asking questions to put in the computer. The lady bothered me because she didn't trust me. She asked questions and congratulated me on going to the doctor the whole pregnancy. Which I thought was rude. When finally we were done with tons of questions like "did you take care of yourself while pregnant?" it was around midnight. She gave me two pills and told me to get some rest that tommorrow would be a big day. I knew it would be, and the events of the next few days would be. I was restless all night... I knew tommorrow would be a journey.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthmother Baskets

I came apon this blog and thought the idea was so awesome!
Click the link to learn how you can support new birthmothers.

November is National Adoption Month.