Cambria Leann

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This week more than ever I miss Mesa.
My silly colored walls. Pink, purple, and turquoise.
My tile floor, cold, but cute design.
My pool where i swam mornings last summer while I was pregnant, went swimming with friends, and was pushed into on a birthday.
My friends who make me feel good about life.
My life.
Everything I grew so accustomed to.
I miss Lazona ward.

Life seems to pass me by quickly.

Things change.

2 weeks ago we had the primary program in our ward.
I remember looking at all the kids trying to figure out just one of their names.
I got nothing.
It hit me, I barely know anyone.
It hurt.
It hurts knowing they know nothing about me, and not knowing how to open up.

Missing it won't bring it back.
But don't think I have forgotten you.
You are the ones pushing me forward.
Thank you.