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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet friends

"Cling to what is right and you will always find joy."

I reread this letter today from a sweet friend. It reminded me that I am loved and that people are watching me.

Sometimes I feel like I am here or there but nobody seems to notice me, especially at church. My old ward watched me grow; they watched me change. Many of them know me simply by observance. But yet through that observance they learned who I am. I have numerous friends there. Friends I so dearly miss.

One of these special friends wrote me a letter almost a year ago. Much in my life at that time had changed or was changing. Things were so different from what I was used to and the road ahead was a steep one. Her words were heartfelt and brought me to tears.

Today rereading them brings me to tears, and reminds me of the moments and events of last year. How grateful I am for friends like her. For the friendship many people have given me. I feel truly loved.

My favorite quote from the letter is, "Cling to what is right and you will always find joy". It's a nice reminder where I can find happiness. And I find hope in the future because of it .

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Suz said...

I saw your dad tonight at the turkey pit... I missed you... He seemed so natural for our ward! It made me wish you back. I will take you anytime. I miss you.