Cambria Leann

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today is just the beginning…

Today is just the beginning…

Today is just the beginning I thought as she was born
I knew the road ahead was far reaching and hard
I chose that road anyway not for my own sake but hers
I held her and was silent
There wasn’t much to say
I called her parents
I let them know today was the day
I can hardly imagine the wait they endured
The pain they must have felt
To have this little angel was a simple answer to their prayers
I then kissed my little sweetheart
I let her know how much I loved her
I placed her in their care
She was off to see her family
Oh how much I can see
The love they have for this little angel
This girl that is part of their forever family

1 comment:

Suz said...

It's obvious that you love her lots. Sometimes the best thing isn't the easiest thing! You are no stranger to making hard choices... I admire you for your courage and strength... And you understanding of the importance of "forever families".