Cambria Leann

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get it out

I want it out. I want them to know, I feel so hidden and it hurts. Sometimes in life I find that deciding when and where to tell someone about your adoption experience can be difficult. Will they judge? Will they understand who I am better? Will they thing less of me? Or more? Will it matter? Are all questions that race my mind. At a certain point you either have to tell or you are pretty much living a lie. I often find myself running away from the situation because I am scared and I hate the feeling I get that I am lying.
This is a constant struggle as I continue to move on in life and changes occur, I am bound to meet new people.

Sometimes I wish every believed adoption was such a great thing then I wouldn't be so scared to share my story. But then what would I be good for? I am here to educate and inform and I can't do it if everyone already has a testimony of adoption.


Alisa said...

So true Cami, You are amazingly inspiring. Hope you don’t have to work too hard this summer, we definitely need to relax and go out soon!

Lots of love always,

Jay said...

hey cami,
speak out your mind whenever u feel me it heals...just open your heart and let a soothing breeze of fresh air into those recesses of your heart......
god bless you...