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Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Friends

Sometimes the best medicine is a night out with your best friend. Last weekend I spent the night drinking cherry vanilla coke, eating tater tots, and driving around with my best friend. Spending time with him is always the best because it's so low key, and simple.
He's known me since my early teens, and has been there with me through thick and thin. I remember being pregnant and our nights out to sonic to catch up on life. He was always there to lend a listening ear and to show he cared. I remember right after placing Lily he would come over and we would go out. I would ball my eyes out about all the hard things I was facing and he would always be there.
We have gone through rough patches in our friendship, but one thing is always certain, when we need someone the other is always there for them.
When he left for college in the fall I was happy, and sad. Happy for him, but sad because I was going to miss him. I cried on my drive home after saying goodbye. The future scared me, and I was sad that he wasn't going to be just a drive up the road to see when I needed some support. Luckily he's just a phone call or text away.
It still hurts after each visit when it's time to say goodbye. I still miss my best friend. But summer is fast approaching, which means no school, and he's back.
Summer, come fast, I miss my best friend already.

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