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Friday, May 20, 2011

Courage to never give up

"Success is not final.
Failure is not fatal;
It is the Courage to continue that Counts..."
~Winston Churchill

It's easy to frown after a bad practice, where I get hit in the face, my stunts all fall, people are in my way and I miss my next part, I come home with a hurt back, and bruises everywhere.

It's easy to be upset when boys hurt me, when they don't understand me, when they can't accept who I am.

It's easy to be upset when people who were once your friends, no longer make an effort.

It's easy to be upset when life seems tough.

Sometimes the courage to continue on is what constitutes success. Never giving up hope, never backing down, but continuing forward with all your might, all your strength.

It is easy to back down, and give up.

But strength and success rely on you being strong when all is against you.

My baby team of 10 that beat out teams more than double our size this past weekend in Vegas after a girl quit the week of the competition. We pulled together found a replacement, and went on to win 1st and highest point of all levels 3-5. So proud of Dynamics. Success is never giving up, but having the courage to push forward. Quality not quantity.

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