Cambria Leann

Friday, October 14, 2011


Tonight my coach told me she couldn't keep track of the men in my life. 
I laughed, and told her there are no men in my life right now.
But I knew what she was talking about.
Within the last year I've sorta, kinda, "hung out" with quiet a few guys.
But to be honest, I never keep them around for long.
Not because I don't want a boyfriend.. because I certainly would like that.
But because they aren't worth my time, and I tend to realize that quiet quickly.
I don't think I will have a boyfriend again, unless I see REAL potential in the guy.
Because quiet frankly, my time, and emotions are better spent on other things..
Like School, Work, Cheer, Friends, Family, and Adoption Advocating.

Life is good.


Dustin and Julie said...

Not to mention that you deserve a GREAT guy not just any guy.

birthmothertalks said...

Love this post.