Cambria Leann

Friday, April 24, 2009

Eyes opening

Today a friend told me really how much she cared.
She was there when I bawled my eyes out night after night last semester
She was there to make me laugh, and pull me up when I didn't feel like doing anything
When I would get calls, and voice mails that made me feel so low, so guilty, so sad.
She was always there.
Last semester was so hard for me.
I didn't feel like I had a life, and mostly I just wanted to stay in bed and bawl my eyes out
I was sad, I was hurt, and friend wise I felt alone.
She was there to take me out for a drive
Listen to me complain about the things that were bring me down
Listen to me talk about Lily's family for the longest time
She was there the first day I went back to school
Sometimes I forget how much others care about me.
I feel soo alone, so depressed.
But maybe I just need to open up my eyes..


sambonez7 said...

My dearest Cami,

Many of us think of you often and you are in our prayers. Many of us care very deaply for you. You have grown so much and proven your worth! As this week pans out, know I am thinking of you lots.
Becky H.

mommd said...

You are my inspiration. You so often have helped me feel not alone, during some challenging and lonely times.

You are truly never alone and are loved so much.

With love and prayers always in my heart for you.

Nana P