Cambria Leann

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I walked through the motions of the last week.
Not sure if I could even handle it.
A few times I couldn't.
I had to take a drive to the store.
Stop my projects that I really want to finish.
Or drive away from where I wanted to be, just so I didn't have to see another.
I have drank Oreo shakes from Chee Burger. Eaten Ice cream cones.
And I have busied myself in other things.
But I know some how it's all going to become real.
Whether it's today or in a few days. It'll become real.
Knowing I can handle it is one thing.
But believing is another and right now, I am not sure I believe.


Suz said...

Lou... Wherever you go... whatever you do... You will always be thought of by me. You have a lot to offer. You can change lives. So NEVER EVER think that a little move will defeat you. You will always have your true friends, and you will influence and make new ones. Nate and I moved a ton! It scared me to death at first... I wouldn't trade any of it. It's all in your attitude, like you always say... You're right... BIG FAT changes are sneaken' up on you... make the best. I'm not one bit worried about you... Change a life! I sure love you.

Jo Dee said...

I want to join you for the milk shakes and ice cream cones. I always find comfort in frozen treats! PS you looked amazing the other night!