Cambria Leann

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little update

Lily's adoption was finalized last week, along with her sealing on saturday to her loving family. I can't even go on to explain how much I love Lily's family. How they have opened their arms to me, and how they have been my friends when I don't know who to turn to. They amaze me.

School ended and I start work at Big surf.

I got into the program at ASU this summer. July 5 - August 7

We moved in into Gilbert. I have have been driving way more back and forth, here and there more then anybody should ever have to.

And I have turned to myself for a lot of things. I have found myself enjoying the drives by myself just to have some time to reflect. I have enjoyed that special time to just gather my thoughts and put myself in a good place. I have enjoyed listening to a little bit of slow, softer music, and found myself smiling.

Although there seems to be so much going on around me, I have found that time to myself keeps me calm, and I can continue carrying on.


sambonez7 said...

Like always you are one step ahead! I had two children before I realized how sane I was when I had a little bit of quiet. I used to always have background noise. It made me feel secure. But then I found that I really looked forward to the time that I hade to just listen to my head and my Heavenly Father.

I miss you already. Come and see me when you get a chance.

mommd said...

Brilliance and joy in one young but very wise girl, that's how I would describe you. Meeting you exceeded any expectations. It is one of the highlights of a very blessed year in my life. I feel like I've known you forever and hope I always will.
Love you,
Nana P

Suz said...

Lou... I miss you! I missed you at church on Sunday. I miss you every time I drive past your house. I just miss you. You sound so good. Heavenly Father has BIG plans for you, lady. Sometimes when you're in the thick of it all it is so hard to see. But you are doing so many good things that you will recognize it soon enough.
I sure hope you love your new house... Cherish your long, quiet moments to think... and keep that sunny little smile always shining.
I'm wishing you lots of things. I'm wishen' for you happiness. I'm wishen' you love. I'm wishing you sight of yourself like those who love you the most see you. I'm wishing you moments where the presence of your angel mother wraps around you and reminds you of the great bond that death can not even break. I wish you Joy.
I miss you lady.