Cambria Leann

Saturday, July 18, 2009

12 months

"when someone hurts you so much that your feelings seem to choke you, forgive ...and you will be free again."
Lately I have pondering the forgiving of a few people in my life that have hurt me very much. I am unsure about what to do, if I am even ready to forgive them.

On another note:

This month marks a year since I began the journey of adoption, when I made the first few steps.. serving the birth father, and searching for a family..
I searched back and forth. Arizona, California, and neighboring states. In all sizes of families, and with all different hobbies. I watched as faces seemed to pass me. Through many lists of possibles, I feel like there was one that drew me in. I finally decided to email three, because I want to ensure myself. I got three emails back a few days later. One I read fully, the other two didn't draw me in. I can't even remember what they said, but they didn't make me glow, like the other one did. I ended up sending one email back that day, and only emailing this family. Emailing this family became addicting. Every day many times a day I would check my email, have they emailed me back?, what are we going to talk about next?, this family is so amazing and nice! I believe I was lead to them.

I believe all things were made to be a certain way as long as you listen. And I have watched many familiar faces receive their answers to their prayers by the one who was guided to them.


Katarina said...

Our beautiful daughters are were they are because we were lead to them.

It all seems so long ago but yet is still as fresh as yesterday.

misses you at group wednesday :(

sambonez7 said...

A YEAR AGO!!!??? Time passes so fast. But when you look back to just a couple of days ago feels like a really long time ago. Time plays tricks on us. That is the only conclusion that I can come up with. It is really neat that you have such good memories of your time with Lily and her placement. You are an amazing person so I can't emagine anything being any different than it is right now. You exceed any expectation! Keep a smile on your face and all will be well!
Love ya!

Trevor and Brianne said...

I love hearing your thoughts about those early days of us getting to know one another; especially the emailing back and forth. We were always so excited to hear from you. Love you and we can't wait to see you. You will love Lily's little crawl!