Cambria Leann

Friday, December 4, 2009


Recipe to hurt a Birthmom

Take one birthmom
And a room full of people
Let them ask questions like "why would you do that?"
Or tell her that she is better off
Until you can see the pain in her eyes
Then place the birthmom all alone
Watch as her emotions chop her up
Bake this situation up for a few minutes on an already emotionally hard day
Until you hear her cry
Then you know you have accomplished the task
Let stand alone for 10 minutes
Tastes completely horrible
Can work on nearly every birthmom.


Jill Elizabeth said...

Who was so rude to you? Tell me and I'll beat them up for you.

You are awesome. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is an idiot.

Jo Dee said...

hugs and love coming your way from Mesa! We love you! Never forget it!

audra said...

Where did this happen? Makes me upset just thinking about it. If it was at school I think your teacher needs a call from LDSFS to set up some appropriate outreach to educate some idiots!
You are one of the most incredible women I've ever met, don't let anyone make you feel less than wonderful!

Suz said...

It's always easy to make stupid comments when you sit in the cheap seats... having no empathy or understanding of the other side of the fence. If we had a whole world of people who's hearts were as pure as yours, these things wouldn't happen... unfortunately that isn't the case. And so it is that stupid comments are made. Old Scratch has to get in his two sense... making you feel badly for the choices you so prayerfully and faithfully made in behalf of your little friend Lily. Though they may hurt and often cut deeper than you thought possible, hold on to those tender moments when you made good decisions in a difficult situation... and know that you are loved and supported by a million people who love you something feirce. Don't doubt... you are ever incredible. hang tough lady!

Brianne said...

Oh, Cami
This makes me mad and sad.
I agree with Audra, that if this is going on at school...there needs to be some serious adoption outreach education.
People can be cruel and mean.
And sadly, sometimes when you are smart and bright and have made incredibly noble but difficult choices, people can not understand. Or they are really jealous of you and want to hurt you. Probably a combination.
Next time, text or call me and Lily and I will take you for a Sprinkles cupcake and a QT drink.
That helps me on a bad day!
We love you.

Mama Bear said...

wow, your a great writer and thats a recipe I hope to never follow!


Hi Cami.
You dont know me and I dont know you. I am good friends with Amber, Claire's birth mom. I know all about her story and I love looking at Trevor and Brianne's blog to see picture of little Claire and Lily.

I am adopted. There are 4 adopted kids in my family. My adoption was closed and I had zero contact with my birth family...until about a month ago. Contact was made and things have been SO good.

My situation is a little different because you will always be apart of Lily's life, as far as she will always know who you are. First, I wanted to thank you for your VERY selfless, courageous decision. You are a hero to me and I am proud of you! Second, I wanted you to know that Lily might not be able to tell you yet... but she will FOREVER be eternally grateful for what you have done for her. I wish there was some way to make someone understand how grateful I am... but even if i use every word in the dictionary... it wont be good enough. Dont let people get to you. Or try, because I know its easier said then done. But know that from the other side of things, with time, Lily MIGHT be able to begin to express her love and respect and gratitude she has for you.

I love you. I dont even know you but I love you. If you ever need some reassurance, let me know, and until Lily can tell you herself, I'll keep reminding you how much she loves you.

Take Care Cami, and keep your chin up!