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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moment of weakness

As a sat in a class today the teacher talked about a subject that I cringe about each time it is brought up. I sat there as he went on for five minutes not sure if everyone was staring at me or if I just felt bad about myself. Either way I didn't feel happy. I tried to block him talking out, as I hoped I could continue on my day without feeling like the whole world was staring at me. But in reality that was impossible. I listened, I stared him in the eyes, and I thought about the events of the last two years. I then stared down at my desk still unsure if people were staring at me, but I was sure my name was popping through their heads. Class ended and I slowly walked out in a gaze. A kid stopped me, gave me a big hug, and asked how I was doing. I felt like he knew how I was feeling and offered up friendship when nobody else would. It was just what I needed in a moment of weakness whether he knew it or not.


Suz said...

I'm going to say the obvious... something you are already incredibly familiar with... The atonement covered all: all the hurt. All the guilt. the embarassing moments... All. If somebody stares at you like the atonement wasn't necessary for them, then it is only because they don't understand it at all. It was as much for me as it is for you. Embrass the sacrifice made for us. You don't need to hang your head or feel the burden of staring people. You are a great person. You've made some very hard decisions out of love. Look towards the sun... you have every reason to hold your head up. You have an army of people who love you and are grateful for you.
keep smiling.

The Prettiest Mess You've Ever Seen said...

Cami! I love you! You have no reason to hang your head ever! You are one of the strongest woman I have the pleasure of knowing! I love you & miss you girl!

mommd said...

Cami, You are my "shining star", what that means is I'm always looking up to you. I'm now 54, I can count my shining stars with my fingers. You are above the crowd, probably always have been and always will be. I love you,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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