Cambria Leann

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Public Speaking

Someone told me today that I was a good public speaker.
I laugh because public speaking was never my thing.

I used to do anything to get out of it in school, or church.
A few run ins with people judging me sent me to tears.
So I never wanted to do it again.

But speaking about adoption is different.
I still get nervous, and I sometimes loose my words.
I am not ever perfect; I sometimes forget what I was trying to say, or get embaressed.
I some how get the confidence to speak about it though.

At the end of speaking about adoption I feel good.
It's like an emotional cleanse, or that feeling like you know you are supposed to be doing what you just did.
Maybe that's just it.


audra said...

ahhhh, I wish I could have heard you! Maybe next time. If you can speak as well as you can write you are better than most!

sambonez7 said...

Where were you that you were in the spotlight?? I know that you don't just lolly gag around, you just don't have the time. So I am sure that if you were there it was for a wonderful reason.

Cluff Family said...

Thanks so much for coming and speaking in my Ward. I know that was really hard and it was a HUGE audience, but you really did do a great job. See you at group.


The Prettiest Mess You've Ever Seen said...

i know that same feeling. i cant ever get it together but about adoption its right. its powerful & its always there. i love you girl!

birthmothertalks said...

Hi. I just came across your blog and I understand what you are going through. It's so hard.