Cambria Leann

Sunday, October 24, 2010


As I walked into my old ward today I was reminded of the love that grows there.
How it always draws me back.
How I never want to leave.
I cried just a little bit being in a place that holds so much of me in it.
I felt safe.
It reminded me of how much I've grown.
And how I don't want to go back down the roads I have already traveled.

School holds it's challenges for me.
Mostly social.
I don't feel like I can relate to many of the college kids.
In reality don't want to relate to what they do.
But that's just a part of life.

Sometimes I wish life was as easy as running back to my roots.
My old ward.

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Suz said...

Its like home... Home is where the heart is... And no matter how far you go, your heart is always safe with us because you know how much we really do love you. Come back any time... but even in your absence we love you.