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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Apple Pies..

So last night my dad and I went to the store to buy yet another turkey. Yes this is turkey number 2! Thanks to our ward doing deep pit bbq the night before thanksgiving, we always have two turkeys. One roasted and one bar-be-qued. None the less I think we are having 3 turkey's this year! How insane.. But anyways..

I told my dad how I wanted to make apple pies again this year. He looked at me like I was crazy! But what came out of his mouth was "With real apples?".. Yes Yes of coarse! So this afternoon we went back to the store and I got my apples, and crust stuff. I started peeling apples, and then my dad started helping. But I am super slow I guess so my papi ended up peeling like all of them in record time. Go dad! I decided I was going to put a apple cut out on each one. Turns out I only could make one semi good apple looking thing, one has a heart, and one has nothing. As I was attempting to make a second apple thing, my sister walks in and starts eating all the apple pieces out of the crust. And her comment was "Looks like this is going to the "little" pie!".. so thanks Katelyn for my "little pie"

But she decided since I was getting frustrated she was going to make me my apple cut out thing. Since we have no actual cookie cutter and I was doing it free hand, it was actual pretty difficult. But we just ended up laughing because her apple cut out made by her hands, and a flower cookie cutter.. Yes flower cookie cutter! Here's a picture of my apple cut out on my pie and her apple cut out just laying around. Hope you get some laughs out her silly apple cut out! Which by the way I did NOT use.. I am sure you don't wonder why!

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The Greers said...

little pie huh? i'm eating one myself then.