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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Road of Life

Does your road ahead ever look something like this? Are you not sure if you are able to handle it? The road ahead is never quite clear.. Some days it can be a up, down, sharp turn, a tremendous hill to climb, or so on. You have to be willing to take the next step, and deal with whatever it may throw at you. Sometimes the first step is the hardest one, but it'll get easier along the way. In a lot of ways I try to live by accepting whatever comes next, for I do not always control it. There are reasons for things that occur, maybe we just can't see them now, or do not acknowledge them. There is good out of every thing that occurs, we just have to look for it. When we focus on the good outcomes, rather than the things we see as not so good, everything that occurs becomes a blessing. We should be grateful for every trial that comes at us. I am sure grateful for many of them.

Stop and think of the last trial that came your way, don't reflect on the bad of the trial, reflect on everything good that has happened because of it. Maybe it was lessons that needed to be learned, or new found strength, or a friendship that has occured because of it. There are many amazing things that occur, just take the time to acknowledge them.

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Trevor and Brianne said...

You are amazing and your perspective is inspiring. We love you!