Cambria Leann

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm back.

(Kendal and I)

I watch my life unfold, never know what is going to happen next.
It's the thrill, the uncertainty, the excitement.
I sometimes am curious why this is happening,
why is this that.
I look at the events of the last 2 months and think wow I made it.
There have been bad, but also good to come of it.
With losses of good friendships, and a feeling that all is falling apart something comes only to save you.
I have gained a new friend, and although the future is still uncertain, I am happy and ready for what comes next.
I'm back!

19 days till I check in for my honors program.


sambonez7 said...

It is good to hear from you! Once again you are trying to find the good amung the crazy life. You are amazing. I can't say it enough! I miss you!!!! I got used to seeing you and not needing to talk to you to see if you were surviving. Now that is not so. So thank you for posting. That way I know you are ok.

Trevor and Brianne said...

You sound so positive and upbeat!
What a fun picture of you and Kendal.
It is true that with all change come hard things but also good things. I hope you continue to find happy and exciting things in your future. You deserve it.
We are so excited for your honors program. What a cool experience! See you soon.
All of us

Suz said...

Lou.... You look awesome. YOu sound great! Good times ahead. HOnors program? Spectacular!
Keep looking up.
Sure love you.

mommd said...

I hope you realize how much joy you give with that big happy smile. I feel it. I'm so happy for you, a new friend and the opportunity coming up. Keep posting. I love everything you share.

Love you,
Nana p