Cambria Leann

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cami style.

Some times I hint at things,
without really saying.
You all know what is occuring,
I suppose it's no secret.
My life is no secret,
for I open it up to others.
My thoughts for I have many,
are written almost daily.
I love, I live, and I enjoy life.
Curious about the almost never ending smile?
It's something to do with loving life.
There is always something amazing to come of something not so amazing.
Love yourself.
Love others.
And enjoy life.
I do it Cami style..
Big smiles, and lots of laughs!


Jo Dee said...

I like Cami style. Life's too short not to enjoy every minute!

Trevor and Brianne said...

I think Lily will have the same happy, wonderful, upbeat outlook on life that you have! You are an inspiration to us all. Love and Hugs!

holt family said...

You are so blessed to be having all these realizations at such a young age. I was sure glad to have you and your smile at my house on Wednesday.

Suz said...

Boy isn't that the truth! YOu might be the smiliest person I know! Which is so awesome... it is quite contageous! You always look content!