Cambria Leann

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sometimes I question change,
wonder if I am ready for what comes next?
I am going to be able to push through
the next set of events?
Who knows, but my life is changing everywhere I go.
Whether its school, cheer, my father, my outlooks, my feelings, my life, and everything around me, things that effect me, everything is changing.
Am I fighting being older?
Am I fight change?
I could be.
But where I am going to go if all I do is fight it.
Accept it, embrace it, that is what i need to do.
Who knows what the next year and a half will hold..
But change is sure to come.


Suz said...

The ever wise Lou~
You are so much younger than I when I finally figured this out! You are so much freaken' smarter than I ever hope to be! AAAGGGHHH! Somebody has to be, it may as well be you! So... I here is my tid bit... roll it up, smoke it... what ever!...
After I got married (age 23) I didn't really dig my mother in law very much. In fact, she bugged me so bad that I often found myself hating her. (Strong... I know!) My mother was on my side... she listened and always made me feel better with agreeances! ( i thought) But one day she wasn't home so I poured my soul out to my dad... who didn't agree with me... instead he told me "ENOUGH!" he told me I could accept and love her since I was eternally bound to her (which is a loooooong time!) or I could cause misery for myself... but neither he nor my mother would hear of it again. Then he promised me that it is easier to love than hate... and you know what? That old man has wisdom! I found it true 100% It is easier to go with the flow than to fight it. I wish I had figured it out long ago... change would have been easier for me to accept... so I'm proud of you to have come to the conclusion on your own... and embrace it so possitively. And guess what else... I seriously dig my mother in law now. I happen to find lots of good in her... and I'll ever be thankful to her for raising the son she did. I like the page in your book about perspective... it plays alot more that we realize! You ROCK my world.

Suz said...

P.S... did you get the cake or did grams eat it up before you got home? And how was the birthday festivities? Can't wait to hear!

Suz said...
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sambonez7 said...


Believe you and me that change is not easy or welcomed in most of our lives. You are very wise to embrace this concept of change. Even if you embrace it, it isn't always easy. But you know that! I think you are amazing!!! You have changed in leaps and bounds over this past year. This is apparent in so many ways. Be proud of yourself. The next year and a half will be awesome. Because you are you and the choices that you make will be great, because of the changes that you have already made.
Love ya,
Becky H.

Anonymous said...

hello, i came across your blog a few weeks ago and i check in often now, u are such a brave young lady=) i truly admire you for your strength and courage...