Cambria Leann

Monday, January 26, 2009

Times they are a-changin

Change is such a reality lately that it won't stay off my mind.
Whether it's the thought of Gilbert.
High School ending.
Or anything else in my short future.
Am I ready to jump on the band wagon and accept my ever changing life, not so much.
Moving to a place with other children isn't my ideal future.
Moving in general isn't something I look forward to.
I always fight change.
And with every move comes my fights.
I rebel.
Not purposely, it just comes with the overwhelming amount of emotions.
May 1st?.. way too soon.
What is awaiting me around the corner?


Suz said...

May 1st?
By the way... your hair on SUnday! That was something to sing about! Seriously... you are beautiful! I loved it! But I'm still mad at grandma for eating 1/2 your cake! ahhaha.... we'll have to go for more!

Jo Dee said...


You will succeed in life no matter what you do. You are a strong soul. You have had experiences in life at your young age that are defining you into a true daughter of God. Embrace every new opportunity in life that will help you grow! If you are leaving you will be greatly missed!!!!!!