Cambria Leann

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Change. Change. Change.

Yes, change is still on my mind.
In ways I miss being pregnant.
Because it's change that I no longer have that.
Everything is coming so quickly.
For now it's three months.
And soon it will just be here.
For this one choice will bring lots of change.

When I am confused, not ready for what's next.
I stop and think about how I have to extra to push to get me moving.
I think of sweet, sweet Lily.
How the last night she spent at my house she was cold.
I held her, and she laid on me, we fell asleep together that night.
and I woke up to that gorgeous little girl.
Having the ability to press forward.
One day, I want to be able to show her who I am.
The kind of person I am today.
For she was my little angel sent to rescue me.
She helped put my thoughts back in perspective.


mommd said...

Thank you for sharing such depth of heart and challenge. Again you inspire me and I feel so much love for you and for the little angel Lily too. You are amazing.

Compulsively Yours...for now said...

maybe she wasn't sent to rescue you but show you that you could rescue yourself. Or that you are just fine and do not need rescuing because you are a wonderful person with a wonderful life already.