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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Since I have been having set backs, bad dreams, and thoughts going places I don't want to go I am going to name all the good things coming up (so maybe I wont hold back as much..)
Stunt group next season! I can't wait! (and I can't wait for sleepovers with the girls before competitions in the basement.)
My dad recieveing something he truly deserves, someone who makes him happy. = Happy daddy. =)
A new bedroom to color, and decorate.
A car to drive me here and there.
Hopefully center in the dance section in our rountine for next season, since I know I deserve it.
A happy ending to an amazing cheer season. Undefeated in Arizona! =)
Some pretty cool people to hang out with, my soon to be step siblings.
A bigger house.
A license.
Summer. And an amazing one it will be.
A job?.. possibly. Will see about that summer program first..
Time to work on my back hand spring. yes, yes, I really want that!
No summer school, like I thought I might have to do. = free summer.

Woo. That just made me feel better.

.. now back to my online class...

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Katarina said...

sometimes you just need to sit and look at the good.

Your amazing girl