Cambria Leann

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been looking at this mat for weeks, so angry and so upset.
I just haven't been able to tumble since I went back to cheer.
I can't figure out how to use all this muscle I have.
I was only a few practices away from having my back handspring, before I left cheer in the beginning of April, not sure if my path would bring me back to cheer.
I was so upset about cheer, about tumbling, about everything.
My coach said something to the effect of "you would have had your back hand spring"... the other night..
And how much that really killed me.
Those word have been echoing in my head, frustrating me.
I promised myself that when I came to the decision that Lily was going to be adopted that I would accomplish things, or at least try my hardest to.
Back handspring was sure on the list.
What is it about this mat that keeps holding me back?
Why can't I tumble?
I am sure having a hard time with this..


Suz said...

Some people call it stubborn... but I never liked it when they said it about me... so I call it determination... and it has gotten me where I need to be. Never give up.

Jo Dee said...

Keep pushing towards your goal you'll get it soon!

Compulsively Yours...for now said...

cambria I am always stalking your blog, because I happened upon you one day and I was so impressed with your spirit. You are an amazing person and I wish you the best in life. You are okay exactly as you are, never forget that.

Nothing about you is ever final. I heard that once and I thought first, thank goodness and second yes that is true. All of this can change if I will it to if I believe it can. I see you have already applied this belief in your life and I applaud you for your sensitivities and am grateful to be able to learn from you.

thank you for your honesty