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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Youth Team

Some days I wish I was these kids.
The 5 of the have the best time.
The don't worry about what place they get, or if the judges ripped them off because their coach argued something, that she knows is right because she actually wrote that rule.
They don't cry after a bad performance, or want to hide when they just bombed it.
They do youth team because it's fun.
They enjoy those hours they spend together, and the enjoy their routine.
All these kids are also on our senior team with me, but if you would ask if they had to choose one or the other hands down all would pick youth.
I don't blame them either.
Ahh how nice it would be to be under ten.
They win everybody's hearts especially the twins. =)
How could you blame anyone, they are adorable.
National Champions yet again!-03/15/09 (Video from a Desert Showdown 02/28/09)

My team did ok this weekend.
And got 3rd out of 5 teams.
It was a tough competition, and should have stepped it up.. but really I think we stepped down.
Here's to next weekend.
And here's to being a kid.

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