Cambria Leann

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I can't remember the last time I really lived and enjoyed my life completely.
Sometimes I feel like a robot going back and forth accomplishing this only to move on to that.
Today I met up with a good old friend, and I really enjoyed myself.
I can't tell you what was different, why it was that amazing, but I really, truly enjoyed myself.
And although I have enjoyed myself, and had fun, maybe I just forgot how to be a kid, how to be silly.
Today I was a kid, today I loved every moment of my day and my friendship with a great friend.
Today I felt like this is what I have been yearning for.
I was able to see what I am really missing.
I need to live with that sparkle in my life, because I was born, born to shine.


Jo Dee said...

you shine like noone else !!!

sambonez7 said...

I missed seeing you yesterday! But as for being a kid, live it up!!! Live with no regret becuase you can never come back and regain this time. Believe me when I say enjoy all of your sparkle and share it with all that will enjoy it!
Love you

Suz said...

To the sparkliest kid I know....
I love the little saying,
"Dance like no one is wtaching.
Sing like no one is listening.
Love like you've never been hurt before.
Live like heaven begins tomorrow."
It's the life of a kid. No regrets.... just experiences- learned from and made better...
You glow! You shine!