Cambria Leann

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Broken Record Player

Have you ever felt like nobody listen's to you?
That everyone around you seems to just ignore what you have to say?

It's not that you're wrong (well maybe you are)
But everyone else has their own priorities, ways of thinking..
What might be important you, may not even occur to another.

I feel like sometimes I am not heard.
I am broken record player repeating the same thing,
but yet I am never acknowledged.

Sometimes it takes me awhile to forgive others.
Some actions effect me harder than others.
And I need my time to heal.

But I need to forgive quicker, holding it out doesn't do much. (But make it worse)

Do I ever make others seem as if they are a broken record player?
The road goes both ways, if you expect someone else to do something, you must also.
It many ways you probably do the same thing without acknowledging it.


Jo Dee said...

I am guilty of this with both my husband and my kids. I am aware and working on it. That's all I can do. Did you get a cookie last night? Or did your Dad eat them all before you got home?

mommd said...

Everyone takes different amounts of time to heal, forgiving makes it go faster, but still takes time. Take the time to heal and follow the promptings of your heart. You're not a broken record, even if you feel like it. Just reading what you have to say makes me believe you're doing better than you may think. Healing hurts, just like an open wound. Thank you for sharing so eloquently your trials. It feeds my heart to know such an amazing young woman.

Suz said...

I hate that sometimes I have to be guilty of this... the worst part is the thought that I make people feel like that... YIKES! Thanks for pulling this up to the fore front of my thoughts and keeping me aware!
I'm coming back to Young women!!! And do you think I'm excited?!! woooo hoooo!!
Love you lady.