Cambria Leann

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Loosing my way.

Have you ever lost your way?

I feel in many ways I lost my way for a reason.
Although at the time I was where I wanted to be, with who I wanted to be with, and everything seemed so right.. it really wasn't.
My life needed a little disorganization.
Some trials.
And some situations where I did not want to be.
In reality I needed what I got.
A chance to grow up.
No one can ever understand my appreciation for everything.
My thankfulness that things happened the way they did.
I would never ask to go through the same experiences again, but I am grateful I went through them.
They help make who I am today.
They create certain parts of me.
They give me a reason to move forward and find what I really need in my life.
Maybe you won't ever understand the catastrophes that occurred; but the blessings that followed were well worth it.
We all go through our hard times, our times for personal growth, for uplift-ment, and a chance to put our life back on track.
We all have headed one way or another, but but the things that can seem like "catastrophes" can really be blessing in disguise, they simply can help but us where we really need to be.


LDS Family Services Birth Parent Group said...

Boy Cami, are we on the same page today or what? You write so well and are mature beyond your years for sure!

Jo Dee said...

Cami Well said. My trials have made me what I am today. I have learned things I never would have had the chance to had I not suffered through some of my worst trials. Heavenly Father knows everyone's potential and he is counting on us to live up to it! You're doing just fine...

Suz said...

Lou~ You've got it lady! If we went through trial and didn't learn anything than the whole bit of it is for nothing. The fact that you and I are able to learn from our mistakes is all a part of the bigger picture. We all have trial. WE ALL make mistakes. It's no fun. But the atonement is for all of us. And aren't we grateful everyday that our Heavenly Father knew how much we all needed it. I've worried about this difficult time for you for a LONG time... not because I thought you wouldn't come out good, but because I didn't want to see you hurt. So... seeing you heal and understand so amazingly makes me happy. You are wonderful in every way. Keep it up! Love you LOU!

sambonez7 said...


You are truely amazing, I have just started to understand this concept! How sad is that. Because you know yourself and your weeknesses, you are strong. The Lord loves you for your abilities to know yourself and to grow from the trials that you have gone through to make you stronger.