Cambria Leann

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Pushing forward.. somehow?

Not sure if I am ready for school.
Sometimes I think about it, and I just want to run back to bed and hide.
It's not that I regret any decision I have made..
I just don't like other people's opinions sometimes.

It'll be a hard day for me.
The first day back.
I'll be pushing myself forward.
Maybe it'll be more like dragging myself.
But it's what I want.
What I need.
Facing everyone is just going to make the situation easier..
I can't run and hide.
I can't let myself.
I have gone this far...
And I intend on moving forward.


Jo Dee said...

you're one strong chick, you can do it!

Suz said...

You never cease to amaze me... the things you've learned to date are some of the same things that take some a life time to figure out!
When you get back to school remember what you already know. Stand firm in your beliefs...Be true to yourself. Remember that EVERYONE has an opinion... unfortunate sometimes! And you already know that people unrightfully share some of their thoughts where they are not wanted or needed. Remember that many of those comments are made by the nieve... It's always easy to pass judgement when we havn't walked in the same shoes! And even easier when we believe we've walked the road and did it "Best". When times get you down, remember that you made a world of difference to one little lady... and to yourself... and NEVER give up. Sometimes its all we can do to live until the Sunday's of our lives come... and rest assured... Sunday will come.
I will be thinking about you next week. Make it great!

sambonez7 said...


A new year, a new you and, a new opprotunity to blossom and prosper in the great choices that you have made in the past year. You know what needs to be done.Because of that the Lord will bless you with whatever you might think comes as a shortfall! (But you have to ask)It might not be easy, but you will succeed because you are Cami!!!

Love you