Cambria Leann

Monday, December 29, 2008


A little more than a week ago I was able to go visit Trevor, Brianne, Brennan, Bella, Claire, and Little Miss Lily.
What a happy day.
I even brought some homemade gift for the kids, but I forgot to take some pictures of them.
For Brennan, Bella, and Claire..
No sew blankets with prints I thought matched their personalities.
For Lily a little scrapbook with pictures from her first few days.

The kids made me smile, and I was happy that they allowed me to come visit.

Claire showed me how to give her baby a bath in her little sink.
Brennan insisted on me taking a picture where he is kissing Lily's feet.
And Bella posed for pictures.


Jo Dee said...

You look truely happy in these pictures. That baby sure is a cutie!

LDS Family Services Birth Parent Group said...

That's awesome you have such a great couple that is happy to have you visit Cami. What a great family all of you make!

Trevor and Brianne said...

Cami, we loved getting to visit with you. The kids all adore the blankets you made, they are all sleeping with them each night. I'll have to take a picture of them with their new favorite blankets; you did a great job matching the fabrics to their personalities. Claire even has little monkey pj's to match her blankie. Lily is smiling so much these days. She has such an adorable smile, it reminds us of yours!

Katarina said...

Im so jealous!! She has so much hair and is super beautiful Cami!

sambonez7 said...

I didn't see these postings before I am sad that I didn't. You are so blessed for having these great parents for Lily. I am so happy for you! Not every birth mother gets these chances to see their little ones. This is cool!