Cambria Leann

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lily's Adoption Day.

Lily's adoption.
Lily was placed with her loving family on 11-15-2008. (National Adoption Day)
I had taken that day and spent it with Lily in every way possible, but more than anything I wanted to just hold her and talk to her. We planned on meeting at 4, but knowing me, when didn't leave until 4. My sisters and my Dad accompanied me, and we drove to the agency. We walked in to a room with Trevor and Brianne already patiently waiting. I held lily, finished feeding her, and signed papers all together. For me I needed to hold her to make it possible. It was a very emotional time for everyone involved. I asked to place her in her car seat and they were okay with that. I place my little now sleeping angel in her car seat in her car, with her parents. I buckled her up, and tucked a blanket around her. I kissed her tenderly maybe a billion times. I hugged Trevor and Brianne, and got in my Dad's car. My sisters sat on each side of me, held my hands as they knew it was going to be a long tough ride for me. I cried not because I was upset, not because I wasn't okay with it, I cried because I missed her. I missed the sweet angel, and I cried because I was happy; Happy for her and happy for her family. For this wasn't really goodbye, this was I'll see you soon. I did it; I did it because I love her.


Trevor and Brianne said...

We are so very proud of you. Lily is so blessed to have such a courageous and strong birthmother. We love you!

sambonez7 said...

You are very inspiring. You make me want to be a better mom, a better friend, a better teacher, a better sister, a better everything. Life is hard, you know that. But you continue to grow and make good choices. Cami, I hope you know how much I care for you and that my heart is so very grateful for the chance that I have to know you. I think about you all the time! And I think the world of you.

Suz said...

Lady- It takes a determined, level headed, person who cares more for another than herself to take the leap you have bound. Of course it isn't easy. Wouldn't it be insensative if it were. I like to believe that the harder something is, the more blessed we become. If heaven were easy it wouldn't be so worth it. The doors to opportunity and blessings that you have opened for yourself and for Lily have just multiplied monumentally. It is your intelligance and faith and our majestic Heavenly Father who's beloved Son offered the ultimate sacrifice that will get us back to that realm (sometimes seemingly difficult) that our spirits are so homesick for. You are extra blessed... although I know you would cherish every moment of your mother in mortality - especially right now- I believe she is an angel among you that is so proud of your courage and faith.
Make it all real... because it is.
Hang in there...

holt family said...

You are so wise beyond your years. It has been a journey for you and I know it was hard. My sister down the same road at 16 when she had twins. Just remember how much Heavenly Father loves you. You are His daughter, and now you know what that feels like to love a daughter. Thank you for being open to share your feelings so openly. You will be able to help so many others during your lifetime because of your experiences. Your pictures are beautiful. Keep smiling!