Cambria Leann

Monday, December 8, 2008


Tonight I am grateful for those around me who set such a great example. Today I received a nice email from a friend that goes way back. We haven't had much conversation after we had a "falling out" a few years back. Today he sent me an email an email that made me smile.

Thank you for taking the initiative when I wouldn't. I will forever be grateful.

Thought of the day - Take the initiative, even when it's hard. You will never know what can come of it if you don't step down the path.


sambonez7 said...

Amen to this. I always have thought that when you think of someone it is for a reason. Even if you feel like you are nagging, I think that you are right. Contact is a great thing.

I hope that the Lord has sent me to you when you have needed me. If not please forgive me for not following many of the promtings that I have recieved in your behalf. I always have a prayer in my heart for you. You have come so far! WOW.

Love ya,

Becky H.

Suz said...

boy howdy... isn't that the truth! I think I might just take your challenge and make my life a little better. Thanks for inspiring me... again!