Cambria Leann

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Weekend

As you can see this would be stinky drinking water from his favorite place; My dad's toilet.
Gross.. but hilarious.

I spent Friday night hanging out with Wylie, playing games, and making funny pictures. As you can see we posed for pictures with silly faces. =)

Followed by:
Girl sleep over.
Cheer practice 8:30-11am
Cheer Brunch.
Doing girls hair.
In and Out stop.
Cheer competition.
Warm Ups.
1st place.- Didn't compete against anyone this competition... boo for no one being in level 4.2 division
Came home to dinner made by daddy. Yum! New shirt thanks Katelyn.
Talked for a little on the phone.
And out before 9.
It was a long day. Followed by a restful night in bed.
As I did not wait up for the Daddy who was out late... while I.. I slept.

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